Reengagement Campaign


Revive all of your old dead leads with this highly effect follow up campaign. Doesn’t matter if you haven’t talked to them in 6 months or 6 years. This campaign will reengage and convert old leads into pipping hot deals. It even works on leads you’ve never spoken too!

More Info About Reengagement Campaign

This campaign is designed to automatically reengage old leads and turn them into new hot clients while you sleep. This campaign consist of 11 text messages, 7 emails, 9 ringless voicemails, and 9 optional call tasks, with 1 call reminder.

FAQ For: Reengagement Campaign

Q: What do I get with my purchase? A: You get the full follow up campaign in both a word document and PDF file.

Q: What if my CRM can’t do ringless voicemails? A: It is recommended to run as many of the tasks as you can. Every CRM should have automated email and automated texting. Obviously not all CRMs have ringless voicemails. Regardless run as many of the automated drips as you can.

Q: Dose this Follow Up campaign work in any CRM? A: Yes, as long as it has automated texting and emailing. If you do not have a CRM. Tasks can be completed manually. 

Q: Will you install these follow up campaigns into my CRM for me? A: No…

Q: What is your return policy? A: All sales are final. Returns will not be issued. 

convert leads at over double the rate of our competition.

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Contact Rate

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Text Response Rate

*percentage of leads that
respond to text messages.

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