14 Day Online Buyer Text and Email Follow Up NO CALLS

This drip is design to be fully automated and is perfect for any Realtor that doesn’t like making phone calls or wants to save time. It consist of 10 text message and 5 emails and converts leads in 14 days or less. 


Day 0: Text #1 @Immediately

Hi NAME, this is YOURNAME from YOURBROKERAGE. We just received your inquiry about ADDRESS, when are you available for a viewing?


Day 0: Email #1 @Immediately

Subject: Following up on your inquiry, NAME


We received your real estate inquiry online and wanted to circle back with you here to see if you have any questions I can help answer. 

My team and I are here to serve as a resource for you throughout every step of this process. We have the experience and the market knowledge to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Sound interesting? Let me know when you have a few minutes today to chat. Looking forward to it!

Thank you,


Day 0: Text #2 @2 Hours Later

Just wanted to follow up on my previous message, let me know if you’re still interested?


Day 1: Text #3 @8:30am

Good morning! I wanted to circle back with you on this and see if there is anything I can do? We’re always here to help 🙂


Day 2: Email #2 @10am

Subject: Quickly checking in


Just wanted to follow up with you regarding your real estate inquiry about more information. We haven’t formally connected yet, but I wanted to see how your search is going and see if you’d found anything that caught your eye?

Thank you,


Day 3: Text #4 @2pm

I just wanted to double check, is this NAME?


Day 3: Email #3 @11am

Subject: Location is everything


That famous phrase, “location, location, location”, holds as true today in real estate as it ever has. I’d love to send over a few options for you to consider in the areas you are already interested in. What areas are you looking at for your search?

Talk soon! 


Day 4: Email #4 @9am

Subject: The value of knowing your market

Understanding the ways in which your specific market is shifting is essential to securing the best deal on the real estate you invest in. We are experts in understanding how the market moves, and I’d love the chance to sit down and answer any questions that have come up during your search.

Have a few minutes today or tomorrow for a quick call?



Day 4: Text #5 @5pm

Hope you’ve had a great day so far NAME! I just wanted to circle back and see if you had any thoughts on your timeline that I could quickly make note of?


Day 6: Text #6 @11:15

I just want to confirm, is this NAME?


Day 7: Text #7 @7pm

Hi NAME, this is YOURNAME checking back in. Wanted to circle back and see if anything had changed with your search? We’re always here to help 🙂


Day 8: Email #5 @5pm

Subject: It’s all in the details

NAME…Sometimes, the price of real estate can vary dramatically due to minute details about the way the home is built or the property is laid out. I’m here to help you make sure every small factor is counted when you’re considering where to put your hard earned money.

I have built my business by providing top notch service to everyone from first time buyers to seasoned investors.

Give me a ring and let’s chat! YOURPHONENUMBER


Day 9: Text #8 @9:15

I’ve reached out several times and have not heard anything back from you — wanted to check and see if you still have any interest in continuing your home search? If the timeline has changed, mind sharing what that looks like now?


Day 11: Text #9 @11:30

Hey NAME, have a quick second to chat about your search? I’d love to help out any way I can.


Day 13: Text #10 @10:45

Hi NAME, just following up as I have made a number of attempts to connect with you over the last two weeks and I really would love to be helpful to your search. Mind sharing the approximate time frame you’re considering?


Day 14: Task Reminder

Add Buyer Batching Tag

*Batching is when you follow up with several leads at once with the same message. Messages should be relevant to your area and current events.

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