Chime CRM Smart Plans Tutorial: Follow Up Automatically

Are you a real estate agent looking to automate your business and maximize your potential? Look no further than Chime CRM’s Smart Plans. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to implement Chime CRM automation strategies to optimize your client follow-up forever.

Chime CRM’s Smart Plans are the best when it comes to follow-up. With this powerful tool, you can automate your follow-up process and ensure that no lead falls through the cracks. But how do you implement these strategies? Here’s our step-by-step process:

  1. Set up your Smart Plans: Start by creating your Smart Plans in Chime CRM. These plans will be triggered by specific actions, such as a lead filling out a form on your website or requesting more information about a property. You can customize these plans to fit your specific needs and goals.

  2. Create your follow-up messages: Once you’ve set up your Smart Plans, it’s time to create your follow-up messages. These messages should be personalized and engaging, and should provide value to your leads. You can use Chime CRM’s templates or create your own messages from scratch.

  3. Schedule your follow-up messages: With your Smart Plans and follow-up messages in place, it’s time to schedule your messages. Chime CRM allows you to schedule messages at specific intervals, such as one day after a lead fills out a form, one week after, and so on. This ensures that your leads receive consistent follow-up and stay engaged with your business.

  4. Monitor your results: Finally, it’s important to monitor your results and make adjustments as needed. Chime CRM provides detailed analytics and reporting, so you can see which Smart Plans and follow-up messages are performing best and make changes accordingly.

By following these steps, you can automate your follow-up process and maximize your real estate business potential with Chime CRM’s Smart Plans. And if you’re looking for even more benefits, consider partnering with REAL Broker. With $0 monthly fees, a $12k CAP with 85/15 splits, and the ability to get Chime CRM for just $40 a month, REAL Broker offers a ton of cool benefits for real estate agents. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start optimizing your business!

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