Boost: IDX Any Homes You’d Like To See?

This drip is designed to reengage old or new leads that are currently browsing for homes on your website and who you’re not in regular contact with. Ideally, your IDX/home search website should allow you to track and see who is actively looking at homes for sale. Once you identify someone who is active on your website and are not in regular content with, put them on this drip so you can start a conversation and sell them their dream home!

This campaign is considered a “Boost”. Boosts are short term campaigns designed to run side by side with other drip campaigns in the hopes of starting a conversation with that lead. The idea behind boosts is to help personalize the follow up experience based on certain activity that lead is taking part in. 


Day 1: Text #1 @8:30am

Good morning NAME, YOURNAME the Realtor here. I just wanted to check in and see if there are any homes on the market that may have caught your eye? Any homes you’d like to see?


Day 1: Email #1 @8:30

Subject: How Are The Homes I’m Sending You?

Good Morning NAME,

I hope all is well with you 🙂

I wanted to quickly check in and see how you like the homes I’m sending you?

Anything pop up that catch your eye?

Remember I can always schedule a private showing or do a video walk through tour and send it to you. So please feel free to ask!

Your Friendly Realtor,


Day 1: Call #1

“Good morning NAME, YOURNAME with YOUR COMPANY here. How are you?” BUYER “good, you?” YOU “I’m good, I’m good, I notice you’ve been pretty active on home search website, and I just wanted to give you a quick ring to check in and see if you need anything and see how your home search is going over all?

Power Questions:

“Any Homes You’d like to see?”

“How are the homes I’m sending you”

“Anything I can do to refine your search?”

“Anything else I can do to help you in your home search?”

“What can I do to make your search easier?”

“What is it about that home that you like so much?”

If You haven’t asked these questions previously.

“When would you ideally like to have the keys “

“What are you pre-approved at?”

“Have you spoken to a lender yet”

Before end the call make sure to ask:

“is there anything else I can help you with before I let you go?”

If no answer leave voicemail

“Good morning NAME, YOURNAME the Realtor here. I hope all is well. I notice you’ve been pretty active on our home search website and I just wanted to reach out and make sure you were getting the best help regarding your home search. Please give ring or shoot me a text with any questions, adjustments to your search you want me to make, or even any private showings you’d like to schedule. Please feel free to reach me at YOURNUMBER again that’s YOURNUMBER. Again this is YOURNAME with YOURCOMPANY. Talk soon!”


Day 3: Text #2 @10am

Hi NAME, I notice you’ve been pretty active on our home search website. I wanted to check in and make sure you’re getting the best help with your home search. Anything I can do for you? -YOURNAME the Realtor


Day 4: Email #2 @2pm

Subject Line: Home Search Check In

Afternoon NAME,Just checking in to make sure you’re liking the homes I’ve been sending you.

Did you want me to adjust your search at all? If so just let me know and I’ll fine tune it. 🙂

PS you can always call or text me at YOURPHONENUMBER with any questions about the house hunting processes 🙂



Day 6: Text #3 @9am (Custom Or Pre-recorded video).

“Good morning NAME, YOURNAME the Realtor here checking in to see how your home search is going overall. Any homes you’d like to check out or want a video tour of?


Day 7: Task Reminder.

Make sure lead is on some sort of IDX drip campaign.


Day 12: Task Reminder

If lead is still very active and is looking at one or more homes multiple times. Go make a video tour (or 360 video tour for best results) of that home and put lead on BOOST: VR Home Tour or BOOST: Home Video Tour


Day 30: Task Reminder

If you haven’t spoken to the lead since you put them on The IDX boost, consider putting them on TALKING TO: LOST CONTACT: ARE YOU STILL IN THE MARKET? Drip plan if you have no follow up plan or timeline established.

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