IDX: Checking In: Tri Weekly Touch: TEXT ONLY

This drip is designed to work as a “touch point” for leads that are passive/selective with their home search. It is a low pressure “checking in” type of message with few calls to actions. Great for any lead that you are not actively showing homes too.

This drip is just over half a yearlong composing of 10 custom text messages. After 210 days. There is a task reminder to help guide you to figure out the next best step based on the lead’s engagement with you over the last 7 months.

Drip campaign works great with IDX: Checking In: 12X Monthly Touch: Email Only


Immediately: Task Reminder

Make sure lead is on listings alerts


Immediately: Task Reminder

Consider putting lead on IDX: Checking In: 12X Monthly Touch: Email Only


Day 7: Text #1 @8:30am

Good morning NAME! Just wanted to check in regarding those listings I’ve been sending you. Anything catch your eye recently? Or anything else I can do for you in the meantime? -YOURNAME the Realtor


Day 21: Text #2 @12:15

Hey NAME, I know you’ll reach out to me if you need any help with your home search. I just wanted to check in anyways just in case. Anything I can do for you? Any homes catch your eye?


Day 42: Text #3 @10am

Good day NAME, how are the homes I’m sending you? Any fine tuning to your search that you’d like me to do? -YOURNAME the Realtor


Day 63: Text #4 @4:30pm

Good Afternoon! YOURNAME the Realtor, just doing my monthly check in 🙂 How’s the home search going? Anything I can do to help?


Day 84: Text #5 @10am

Hey NAME, I’m in the process of building an off market database for off market listing/homes and wanted to see if you’d like to be included in that mailing list? Because they’re off market it’ll just be a master list of everything I find. I’ll be publishing/emailing out that list every single week. Interested? YOURNAME the Realtor


Day 105: Text #6 @9:30am

Morning NAME, YOURNAME the Realtor here just doing my usual check in 🙂 any homes for that catch your eye? Anything you’d like to see?


Day 126: Text #7 @2pm

How’s everything going NAME? Need anything from your favorite Realtor 😉


Day 147: Text #8 @9am

So NAME, I have a random question… Do you mind me checking in every few weeks? I ask because my #1 goal is customer service and I just want to make sure I’m providing you with the highest level of service during your home search. How am I doing so far?


Day 168: Text #9 @8:30am

Good good morning NAME, how’s the home search going? Anything catch your eye? Anything questions? Let me know! YOURNAME the Realtor


Day 189: Text #10 @10am

So NAME, I was looking back at my records and notice you’ve been looking at homes for awhile now. The homes I’m sending you, do they still match your criteria or has anything changed that you’d like me to update? YOURNAME the Realtor


Day 210: Task Reminder

Figure out next step. Put on appropriate campaign. If lead has never responded put on “TALKING TO: LOST CONTACT: ARE YOU STILL IN THE MARKET?” 

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